Share data cubes

on your website or Facebook

Create and manage data without words like categories, schemas and types!

Paste one line of code into your website and manage data on your own.


Choose the information which you want to share and manage it on your own.

Log in and change promotions, your offer or phone numbers whenever you feel like it.

  • It will work with your website

    No need to change your current website.

  • Easy data management

    We have made sure to make the process easy. Hashtag based.

  • Fast configuration

    The integration of your website with Mycube is simple.

  • Security

    The service is password protected, just like your current website.

  • +

    It is an idea for a new good website – buy a static website and integrate it with Mycube.


What are Data Cubes

Data Cubes are arrays of information connected with one another. A cube may describe a product or information about a company. Mycube lets you easily create Cubes and share them on a website or Facebook.


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